Excluded in the tours price is

Return flight ticket

We understand that most of our clients prefer to make their own flight arrangements. Karoo-Biking has therefore decided not to include this in the tour package. If however, you would like an all-inclusive package with return flights, simply drop us a mail with the request and we’ll gladly provide you with a revised price. Please note that South Africa has become an extremely popular holiday destination and international flights are often fully booked months in advance so please let us know well in advance should you require this service.

Single room surcharges

Most South African accommodation places offer double rooms only. Single rooms are available on request for a surcharge. Should you require a single room, please take note of the surcharge listed on our ‘dates|prices’ channel alongside the respective tour.


We wouldn’t want to place any restrictions on the amount you drink. South Africa is a hot country and everyone should drink to suit his or her needs. We usually have soft drinks and mineral water available for purchase in the accompanying vehicle.


Tips are gladly accepted in South Africa. The rule in restaurants is usually around 10%. It is also customary to tip the assistants in fuel or petrol stations around R2. In the cities, locals will come up to you and offer to look after your vehicle or motorcycle. This is not out of the ordinary. We ask that you make certain that the guard is wearing some sort of official vest and it is customary to tip them a maximum of R5 – dependent on the length of time you are away. For example, you leave the motorcycle for an hour R1 will suffice.

Petrol/ Gas/ Diesel

Petrol in South Africa is quite affordable. However, it is important to note that petrol cannot be purchased via credit card or travellers cheques and most petrol stations have a ‘strictly cash only’ policy.

Toll Fees

Most roads in South Africa are toll free though.


We’ve put together a highly entertaining tour for you. Sometimes however, a certain guest is interested in visiting a place not included in the tour. Personal excursions and trips over and above mentioned in the tour are not covered in the tour price.

Travel Insurances

Although it’s not pleasant to think about, it is something that we unfortunately do need to address. What would happen in case of emergency? We would like to minimise the risk by strongly recommending an insurance package tailor-made for our tours. The insurance package would include:

  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Travel medical coverage
  • Accidental death coverage

Protective Gear

Please bring your own protective clothing. We recommend lightweight clothing since it can get really warm in summer. A jersey or pullover should suffice for when it does start to get a little cooler. Also remember to bring a light raincoat of sorts since a sudden afternoon downpour is not unheard of.

Motorcycle luggage

The motorcycle luggage is not included in the tour price. Panniers, tank bags and top boxes are available for hire.


We do rent out gloves to interested parties and have a small collection available in the shop. We strongly recommend that you wear gloves. The South African sun is particularly strong and without gloves you will have a painful sunburn within an hour.


It is compulsory to wear a helmet in South Africa. We strongly recommend that you bring your own helmet with you to South Africa. Experience tells us that there is nothing more irritating than a journey in an ill-fitting helmet. We do offer a very small selection for rent in our shop.